Extra Delicious Cajun Lasagna

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The Cajun in this recipe for a Cajun Lasagna comes from the triumvirate of ingredients that can be found in almost every Cajun savory dish, and a combination that is smashingly delicious. Those three key ingredients are onions, peppers (usually green) and celery. Who discovered how terrific this blend is, I do not know, but it is fantastic, and I incorporate this group of three in many of my other savory dishes, just for the great flavor the group of them impart. So this recipe starts with that grouping. It then adds another Cajun classic, Andouille sausage, a smoky and lightly spicy sausage that originated in France. The sausage came to American and Louisiana by French immigrants. Over time, it has become embedded as an indelible part of Cajun culture. And now, here it is again, in an Italian dish for lasagna, adding its unmistakable flavor and fragrance to another great recipe.

This dish might take a bit of time to prepare, just because of the number of ingredients that are included in it. Take the time, though, to make it right, and do not skip on especially important ingredients such as the Andouille sausage that give it the authentic stamp of Cajun food. And also splurge and buy the ricotta, rather than substituting cottage cheese, which really does not do this dish justice. And if you ever get to Louisiana, you may just eat your way across the state. Any food joint serves food that is so fabulous it is hard to stop eating, rivaling the best of foods from France and Italy, even in the humblest of establishments. Making good food is inherent in Louisiana culture, or it sure seems to be, from this visitor’s perspective.

In any event, this dish blends two cultures, one Cajun (French and American) and the other Italian. It is a culinary experiment that, if you enjoy trying new flavor twists, might be one you should try. This dish is rich, filling, and fabulous.

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