Faded Outdated Patio furniture MAKEOVER - Doe this Look familiar? You are so going to want to copy this idea!

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Another summer season is coming up, but you're looking at your patio furniture, and it may be looking a little sad. Outdoor furniture is susceptible to anything mother nature has to throw at it. From the wind and sun to the rain and even sometimes snow, it can take a beating over the years leaving the finishes cracked, peeling and faded. Just like any other furniture, unless it's absolutely falling apart or unsafe to use, you can always just spruce it up a bit and give it some new life instead of having to buy new. This way you also save one more item from the landfill. Since patio furniture can be just as expensive as indoor furniture, it will also save you some money which you can spend on something else this summer. If you're into diy ideas, you can actually do these simple outdoor furniture updates yourself and save even more money on your patio update. Leanne shares her awesome diy ideas with us through her blog Diva of DIY and through Hometalk as well. Hometalk is an excellent place to find all of the best do it yourself home projects and more. You can join the world's largest diy community to share and try out some great diy ideas like this one.

Leanne is a contractor with a successful home renovation business, called Rekindled Spaces, that specializes in bringing new life to homes. Then, in her free time, Leanne does her Diva of DIY blog to share some of her favourite diy ideas and do it yourself home projects. She loves to help people transform their homes into space that they love to live in using very creative techniques and ideas. She loves doing kitchen renovations the most and enjoys finding creative ways to decorate a home on a budget. You can start out your do it yourself home project by wiping all of the furniture down with some TSP or Krud Kutter. Leanne also used some Bondo to fix some of the frayed edges on her patio chair seats and covered them up with some paper. Then, take a spray paint colour you like and paint the metal pieces with it. Once the spray paint is dry, you can then take the paper off of the seats and paint them in a colour you like. Once that was dry, Leanne then used some Chevron Frog Tape to create the cool pattern you see on the chair seats and then use some paint to paint on the stripes. To get a nice, clean edge you can paint along the edges of the Frog Tape to ensure you don't have any bleeding.

You can see that Leanne used some very vibrant colours which really makes her backyard patio pop. If you're not into the bright colours, you can also use some more subdued colours or maybe you could even try some metallic paint for a little bling. You don't have to paint the chair seats if they are in good condition or if they are made out of some other material. You can always get covers for your seat cushions too if you have them. This little diy idea will bring some new life into your backyard so you will be excited to host some summer BBQs and dinner parties. If you want the complete step by step tutorial of this diy project you can visit Hometalk and also Leanne's website. She also has tons of other great backyard diy ideas and some indoor diy ideas for you to try out too. So if you love do it yourself home projects, give some of hers a try.***

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