Fall in love with this cute Tiny Cabin PLUS a very cool add on you just might LOVE!

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This tiny cabin is completely endearing with a wooden exterior, three rooms, and loft. It would be a perfect addition to your property if you need more space to sleep people; guests would have their space to spend time in during their stay. Alternatively, this cabin would be an excellent addition to your cottage property if you want many family members or friends staying at one time. Luxury log cabins would even work as the main building at your cottage property, especially if you want to get out into nature. The main accommodations offered by these cabins are for sleeping and having a place to spend inside. If using on a cottage property, you would spend more time outside fishing, hiking or canoeing and cook on a barbecue anyway.

BZB Cabins and Outdoors makes this tiny cabin for a fraction of the usual tiny house cost. These cabins are just under $15,000 making them affordable mini houses for guests or a cottage. BZB specializes in creating eco-friendly products, like cabins, saunas, barbecue pits and hot tubs. The products get shipped to your door with easy instructions for installation. The process of cabin building shouldn’t be overly difficult, but some knowledge of building would make the task even easier. You will need to start with a solid foundation, such as concrete, and a few simple tools, like a screwdriver, step ladder, and pliers. If you want your shelter to last a long time, it will be a good idea to paint it or treat the wood so that it won’t deteriorate quickly.

The best part about this mini house is that it has a cool option if you wanted to use it for even more than just sleeping guests. Rather than simply buying the cabin, you can add on a wood burning or electric-powered sauna for an extra price. These are inspired by saunas in Finland, which are some of the oldest saunas around. Saunas seem like a luxury but offer many terrific health benefits. Sitting in a steam bath substantially reduces stress and opens pores which can help clear up skin irritations or eliminate toxins from the body. Not many people would consider transforming luxury log cabins into a sauna, but it would be an excellent option if you need a space to relax other than a hot tub. The wood is thermally modified, which means that it won’t decay the same way untreated wood will. The wood is processed in a kiln to reduce the moisture and allow it to stand up to the moisture in a sauna environment.

BZB Cabins and Outdoors are located in Stamford, Connecticut, but offer the option of looking at their demo models Garfield, New Jersey. They have a handy contact form, email address and phone number located on their website for inquiries into buying their products. BZB will ship to both the U.S. and Canada, which is amazing because it gives many people access to their product. For more information, check out BZB Cabins’ website.

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