Fall Off The Bone Dr. Pepper Ribs

Photo Credit: Lil' Luna

Check out the photos on this website and you will agree that these are fall off the bone Dr. Pepper ribs (okay, so you can’t really tell about the Dr. Pepper part until you bite in to them). Soda pop is a surprising ingredient in a whole range of sweet and savory dishes. Because they have a variety of ingredients they can add a real flavor pop with just a cup or two in the recipe. Dr. Pepper, like every soda pop, maintains a secret blend, but we can guess at least a few of the ingredients.

First, of course, there is sugar, and plenty of it. That helps with the sweet flavor of these ribs. Then, Dr. Pepper has caramel, coffee, and peppery notes that make a wonderful contribution to the taste and texture of these ribs. As a marinate, that means you’ve also got plenty of flavor to soak your ribs in. As well, this variety of flavors gives real depth and an extra flavor boost to the BBQ sauce that forms part of the recipe. So this is a real winner recipe to try out the next time you are in a mood for ribs.

These ribs work well with the traditional summer foods like corn on the grill, potato salad (warm or cold) or some not-so-traditional foods like corn salad or stuffed peppers. Any way you make them, though, this recipe for ribs will be a go to recipe for you on hot summer nights when you just don’t feel like cooking inside. Try these ribs out tonight. Your family will get a hankering for them every week throughout the summer so you might want to pick up your ribs in bulk. Enjoy!

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