Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake

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This is an impossibly indulgent Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake that could not keep its rise no matter what due to the whopping 16 ounces of chocolate (and two kinds to boot) that are found in this recipe. This recipe is simple, and will make a chocolate cake that will make you cry. Honest. This cake is rich, moist, decadent and so loaded with chocolate it needs a warning sign. Try it soon, and take care who you serve it to. Addictions could result with this amount of chocolate.

Because this cake is all about the chocolate—and there is no flour in the cake, emphasizing the chocolate even further—be sure to get high quality product. The website recipe creator recommends two high quality brands. Whether or not you can get those particular brands, be sure to find ones that are of excellent quality. This cake is for chocolaholics, not even just chocolate lovers. The smallest of pieces will suffice—half the size of what you might normally measure out.

Serve this fabulous cake with whipped cream with only vanilla in it, and without sugar. The chocolate will be so rich that you will want something to break the intensity of the flavor. The anti-oxidants from all that chocolate will make up for the decadence of eating this much chocolate. It really is a cake made from chocolate! Real whipped cream can stand wonderfully well against this potent cake. What a fabulous cake. Make it when you want to serve family and friends something really, truly special. They will be impressed and touched that you had the culinary skill to bake this one up (you don’t need to tell them how easy it is!). Enjoy this cake soon, won’t you?

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