Fancy Mini Chocolate and Nutella Pies

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Nutella is the perfect ingredient for home desserts because it is full of chocolaty, hazelnut flavour, and both adults and children love it. Thank you blogger Tonia for allowing us to share her decadent mini chocolate and nutella pie recipe. The best nutella recipes are the one’s that let the chocolate spread to shine in all its glory. This recipe involves a Nutella mousse, chocolate drizzle, and chocolate shavings, all encompassed in a crisp pie shell. So, if you want to make the best nutella recipe ever, head on over to Tonia’s blog for her mini pie recipe.

Mini tarts may seem like a tedious thing to make, but Tonia makes it easy with the use of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts. These Pillsbury pie shells are simple because the pie crust is already pre-rolled which means you can just unroll the sheet of pastry and cut with a pastry cutter. There may be some re-rolling involved, but it’s worth the effort to get twelve decadent pies from this nutella pie recipe. With the pastry layered in a muffin tin and baked to golden brown, these Pillsbury pie shells hold the Nutella mousse and allow it to be the star. Nutella mousse is so easy; it’s just five ingredients that are beaten together into a creamy, fluffy mousse. Nutella never tasted as good as it does in this mini chocolate and nutella pie recipe.

If you like to spread chocolate spread on toast in the morning, this mini nutella pie recipe will open the horizon to other types of Nutella uses. If you’re wondering where did Nutella originate, it was the invention of an Italian baker, Pietro Ferrero. Ferrero lived in the area of Alma, Piedmont where hazelnuts grow and the first Nutella came in the form of a large block in 1946. By 1953, the creamy version of Nutella came into play, and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since. Today Ferrero’s company produces the hazelnut chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, which is most popular during the holiday season. Although chocolate spread is good enough to be eaten by the spoon, you should challenge yourself with a new creation. This mini chocolate pie recipe fits the bill perfectly and is sure to satisfy even the hardest cravings. This nutella pie recipe is a fantastic dessert for chocolate lovers because it includes the drizzle of melted chocolate chips and the sprinkling of Hershey chocolate curls, in addition to the chocolate mousse. If this nutella recipe is simply not enough for you, check out Tonia’s blog for even more simple recipes with nutella. She has a nutella chocolate torte recipe, a nutella mousse cup recipe, and even a pumpkin square recipe involving nutella swirled throughout the bar. Even if you choose to try one of these other recipes, be sure to start with this pie recipe first. Thank you to Tonia at The Gunny Sack recipe blog for this indulgent mini chocolate and nutella pie recipe. **

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