Fast Strawberries and Cream Tart

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This easy strawberry dessert recipe for Fast Strawberries and Cream Tart is the perfect dessert recipe to try when strawberries are in season. Using plenty of fresh strawberries, puff pastry, softened cream cheese, creme fraiche, and sugar this is an easy dessert recipes idea that the whole family will love. The best part about this easy strawberry dessert recipe is that it's easy to make. To start, you'll want to wash and cut the fresh strawberries to about a 1/4 inch thick. You will need about four cups of fresh strawberries in this yummy recipe so you'll need lots. Set aside one cup of cut strawberries, and then place the other three cups in a medium size bowl. Then roll out a sheet of defrosted puff pastry to the basic dimensions of a serving plate. When this easy strawberry dessert recipe is ready to serve it will almost look too good to eat.

The fresh strawberries in this easy strawberry dessert recipe are the star of the recipe, with the sweet and juicy fresh fruit making your mouth water. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. There is just so much to love about strawberries with fresh strawberries being sweet, delicious and juicy and perfect just eaten on their own. Fresh strawberries can also be added to a wide variety of fresh strawberries easy dessert recipes. The first garden strawberry variety was originally grown in Brittany, France during the late 18th century. Before that, wild strawberries were cultivated from wild strawberry varieties that were the common sources of the popular fruit. Fresh strawberries were a fruit that was originally mentioned in ancient Roman literature that talked about them being used for medicinal uses. The nutritional value of fresh strawberries is a great source of Vitamin C, with lesser amounts of dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and protein. In addition to being eaten fresh, you can also freeze fresh strawberries, and make fresh strawberries into strawberry preserves, jams, and jellies. Strawberries can also be dried and used in prepared food recipes, like healthy cereal bars. Strawberry flavorings and fresh strawberries are a popular addition to recipes like dairy products, ice cream recipes, such as a strawberry-flavored milk recipe, milkshake recipes, yogurt recipes and smoothie recipes. Strawberries and cream are a favorite dessert recipe during the summer in Britain. In Sweden, fresh strawberries are a popular traditional dessert recipe that is served on Midsummer Eve. Fresh strawberries used in easy dessert recipes and easy strawberry dessert recipes are always a popular addition to any dessert table.

The creme fraiche combined with the softened cream cheese in this easy strawberry dessert recipe makes for a delicious filling recipe underneath the heaps of fresh strawberries. Crème fraîche is a soured cream that contains about 10 to 45 percent butterfat. The name creme fraiche is French, but similarly soured creams are found in much of northern Europe. Creme fraiche is used in both hot and cold recipes in French cuisine. Creme fraiche is often used to finish off hot savory sauces and with its fat content being greater than 30 percent curdling is not a problem. Creme fraiche is also the basis of many desserts and dessert sauce recipes. Thank you to Angelika for sharing this easy strawberry dessert for fast strawberries and cream tart on the Plant Fabulous recipe site.*

Nutrition Facts for: Fast Strawberries and Cream Tart from Plant Fabuluos
Ingredients: Frozen puff pastry, egg, cream cheese, sugar, creme fraiche, vanilla extract, fresh strawberries, water, sugar, cornstarch.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 475, Calories from Fat 306, Total Fat 34.0g 52%, Saturated Fat 12.3g 61%, Cholesterol 52mg 17%, Sodium 245mg 10%, Potassium 189mg 5%, Carbohydrates 35.8g 12%, Dietary Fiber 2.4g 10%, Sugars 4.1g, Protein 7.8g, Vitamin A 8%
, Vitamin C 71%, Calcium 4%, Iron 13%

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