Fat Apple Dumplings

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Try these Fat Apple Dumplings and you will never need another recipe again. These are a truly great recipe, made in classic Southern style. That means there are three layers of flavor to these dumplings that makes them finger licking delicious from start to finish. Southern dishes can often incorporate apples as well as cinnamon and raisins. These ingredients are often served in simple, but homemade recipes like dumplings or puddings. The results are then, again, often slathered (or baked) in some other kind of sauce, and sometimes two sauces. The decadence of southern cooking never seems to end. Every meal that I have ever had in the south, whether in an out of the way hole in the wall restaurant, a high end Michelin star swanky hot spot or in the homes of my hosts has been a treasure of culinary delight. The southerners just seem born to bake (and cook).

Is it in the blood? Maybe so. And these Fat Apple Dumplings will teach you how you can get that same great taste that comes so naturally to the south. It is not a difficult recipe, either, although it does have three parts or steps to it. It uses ordinary ingredients that you may already have at home. Parts of the recipe may also be great for young bakers to attempt, such as the sauce or even the filling. One tip that I would recommend is to use butter for the sauce and filling. If you are going to make a dessert you might as well go for it, and the calorie and fat count are identical in most butters and margarines.

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Nutrition Facts for: Fat Apple Dumplings from The Southern Lady Cooks
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, salt, canola oil, milk, sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, margarine, apples, water, vanilla.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings * Per Serving:Calories 867, Calories from Fat 396, Total Fat 44.0g 68%, Saturated Fat 5.0g 25%, Cholesterol 2mg 1%, Sodium 779mg 32%, Potassium 301mg 9%, Carbohydrates 114.5g 38%, Dietary Fiber 6.2g 25%, Sugars 60.4g, Protein 8.2g, Vitamin A 14%, Vitamin C 23%, Calcium 6%, Iron 21%

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