Favorite Lemon Cake

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No matter what the occasion is, the boldness of lemon flavor will always keep you company. This Favorite Lemon Cake recipe will have you drooling for days. And the silky lemon glaze? It is to die for! You’ll keep coming back to this lemon cake recipe because who doesn’t like a sensational dessert with a touch of lemon that's going to please your taste buds in a refreshing way? Sometimes in a dessert recipe, you just need that kind of a balance between sweetness and tartness. This cake is easy to make with simple ingredients straight out of your pantry and its super budget-friendly. You can serve it at parties, family gatherings, picnic, and potluck or for brunch with your loved ones. It’s always a good idea to serve fun desserts like this one to your guests because they’re fancy but easy desserts to make for any occasion.

Lemon is an excellent flavor to brighten up family meals and brings so much fun to the table during mealtime. Whether you add lemon in a dessert, a savory recipe or make a drink out of it, it has the same effect. Lemon dessert recipes are also a good change from the traditional chocolate desserts. To bring out the most optimum flavor in lemon recipes, always stick to using the real lemon juice and zest instead of the artificial lemon extract. You won’t regret the extra work of squeezing the lemon juice or grating the zest. Use a zester to achieve a finely textured lemon zest or finely chop it up, so you have small pieces of lemon zest. In this recipe, you can replace the milk with buttermilk, sour cream or Greek yogurt for adding extra richness.

There are countless nourishing lemon health benefits such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C and fiber. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It has been proven for weight loss if you drink a warm glass of lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning helps in building a stronger immune system and aid a healthy digestion. You can be creative with this recipe and turn this cake into tiny bite sized lemon cupcakes if you want. Try adding coconut flakes to this cake recipe on top as a garnish. A cream cheese frosting with marshmallow fluff also goes well with this cake. If you love white chocolate, go ahead and drizzle melted white chocolate or shavings of white chocolate on top of this cake. Since this recipe is so versatile, you could also add lemon curds or lemon pudding on top in the place of a glaze.

Thank you to Estelle at The Maine House food blog for sharing this warm and tasty Favorite Lemon Cake recipe with us. Do visit Estelle’s blog for more Southern-inspired cooking and other dessert recipes for all occasions. This Favorite Lemon Cake recipe is wonderfully infused with lemon and tastes perfect if you love all things lemony. Make this oh-so-lemony goodness for friends and family today!

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