Feta Chicken Salad

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Feta Chicken Salad is a surprising combination of sharp cheese and light tasting meat. The slightly dry and very salty feta is a perfect complement to the moist chicken. This is a terrific salad to serve for lunch with a piece of toasted focaccia or as a side for dinner. Either way, it is sure to please everyone who tries it.

Feta cheese can come from goat, sheep or even cows. It is traditionally from sheep, although some aficionados might argue that its origin lie with goats. It is surprising the difference of flavor that arises in the cheese depending on which animal’s milk you choose, but any way you choose it, this is a salty, rich, powerful cheese. It can make some surprising taste alliances; for example, feta is terrific with fresh pears and pepper in an arugula salad, or paired with Parmesan and nutmeg and toasted on bread. Its ability to work in interesting blends is perhaps one of the reasons it remains so popular. Here, it is blended with dill, a wonderfully fresh herb that works with mayonnaise and sour cream blends and even yogurt based sauces and dips.

In this recipe the feta is paired with chicken and a range of great vegetables as well as a blend of ingredients that form a creamy sauce. This blend results in a high protein meal that is satisfying and full of flavor. It could be served with a great chunk of bread or even put the entire salad in to some bread if you are in a rush and need to eat on the run. Any way you serve it, your family is going to enjoy this one. Try it tonight and enjoy!

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