Fiesta Corn Salsa

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This lovely salsa is a real treat and quite different from the typical lettuce and a few vegetables combination that make up so many salsa. Try this Fiesta Corn Salsa offered by the Sweet Little Bluebird website, and you will return to this site again and again to find what else they are serving up. Mary, the recipe maker and blogger, says she creates recipes that are easy to make and that will please her husband and kids. So, the odds are good that yours will like this salad, too!

This salsa is also quick, cheap and easy to pull together. A new cook can make this up by his or her self with only a bit of oversight and can expect plenty of applause for the effort. The ingredients are easy to mix once you have them set up, and it gives our new little cook a chance to practice mise en place (that means your little cook gets to find and line up everything so that it is ready to go). This is a good step to learn in order to become a great cook and baker.

A fresh take on traditional salsa is always nice to see and of course great to sample. This particular version is based primarily on corn, a nutritious and filling food, and one you can be happy to serve your family. Since corn is the primary ingredient in this recipe, be sure to buy a good brand. Chill this dish thoroughly before you serve it up with big chunks of fresh corn bread. Serve the corn bread warm and scoop up the salad with it. Alternatively serve this salsa as suggested with your favorite taco chips. Enjoy it today!

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Sweet Little Bluebird, by following the link below.

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