Finger Licking Good Buttermilk Fried Chicken

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How could this dish be anything besides fabulous when it’s Finger Licking Good Buttermilk Fried Chicken? There is just nothing like the flavor of fried chicken when it’s done right. And nobody makes it better than the South (sorry, north, west and east, but we’ve all got our strengths, right?).

Fried foods have lost favor to a great degree because of our concerns over fat consumption. But a piece of chicken (okay, okay, two or three pieces of chicken) is not going to hurt. And these ones are cooked in peanut oil, to boot, so no transfat here. The trick to all good eating, as we know, is to do it in small doses. So try a small dose of this southern fried chicken today. The other reason we don’t fry food a lot is because it takes some talent to get the temperature right and then to cook and neither leave raw nor burn the chicken. That is easily solved with a thermometer. Cooking thermometers are really inexpensive, and they can make the difference between food that is not edible and food that has every one running to the table to eat. Once you have made food this way a few times, you will start to understand when the oil is just the right temperature, and when your fried food is cooking just as it should. Like anything, your practice will make it perfect. And your taste testers will happily gobble it up, again and again, sacrificing themselves to your cooking prowess. What more could you ask for?

Make this dish when you have time to let the chicken marinate overnight. That will ensure your chicken is really tender when you fry it. So plan ahead. And treat someone.

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