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When you think of comfort food or pub fare then the first thing that may jump into your mind will be fish and chips. Yes the battered crisp fish that goes great with a thick cut French fry and some wonderful malt vinegar. Are you hungry yet? Fried fish recipes and any fried fish and chips recipe can be easily found since it is always a great meal. This fried fish recipe from Emily uses cod or halibut filets since they are hearty and will not fall apart from the battering to the frying.

Whenever you decide to batter and fry fish try to use fish like these ones since you need a fish that is solid and will take the frying and battering without disintegrating into a mound of blah. Fried fish and chips recipes are a great way to get your family involved since battering fish is fun and kids will love to get their hands dirty while helping you out. There are many different batter recipes that can add loads of flavor to your fish and if you find a recipe that has a great batter then you will be happy to know with a little tweak here and there you can make the batter specific to you and your palate’s love.

Fried fish recipes can also be made in the oven and don’t think they will not be crunchy since if you bake for the first cooking phase and finish them off under the broiler they will be wonderfully crispy and much healthier. Try this fried fish recipe both ways fried and baked and see which one you and your fellow diners enjoy most and go with it.These days many of our fish products are being farmed and that is not always the best way to raise them, it is not always bad but many farms are not as clean and if the water gets toxic then the fish will carry that right on to your kitchen table. Whenever possible try to find wild caught fish, you might have to pay a dollar or two more but if you are serious about eating healthier the few dollars more are not a big deal. Sustainable fish species are not as plentiful as they were and when considering buying your fish try to buy from a source that is government approved.

Nutrition Facts for: Fish and Chips from Family Favorite Recipes

Ingredients: Potatoes, cod or halibut, flour, beef broth, eggs, baking powder, salt, pepper, flour.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving:Calories 385, Calories from Fat 194, Total Fat 21.5g 33%, Saturated Fat 9.8g 49%, Cholesterol 111mg 37%, Sodium 1433mg 60%, Potassium 323mg 9%, Carbohydrates 7.5g 2%, Dietary Fiber 0.5g 2%, Sugars 0.6g, Protein 40.8g, Vitamin A 12%, Vitamin C 16%, Calcium 41%, Iron 9%

When you consider the French fries you are going to make try to also bake them instead of frying. Frying is faster but don’t use time as your barometer try to go with a healthier option like baking them You can always get crisp fries from the oven if you cook them right and finish them off with a quick flash under the broiler. This recipe from Emily calls for the fish to be fired in vegetable oil but you are far better off to fry in canola oil. Try anyway that you can to make the recipe better both nutritionally and

healthier. Thanks to Emily of Family Favorite Recipes Blog for this yummy Fish and Chips Recipe and bon apetit.**

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