Flavorful Crispy Chicken the Family Will Love

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Some of the the best chicken recipes on the internet are not always necessarily the healthy chicken breast recipes. This delicious crispy chicken recipe is an easy fried chicken recipe and may be one of the best way to fry chicken you have seen. Thank you to Luna, author of “Lil’ Luna” recipe blog for sharing her easy fried chicken recipe with us. A juicy piece of breaded chicken is comfort food in its purest form and Luna makes this chicken recipe even more special by turning it into an entire meal with accompanying farfalle pasta. The chicken breasts in this breaded chicken recipe are coated with flour and panko crumbs and then pan-fried to get them a gorgeous crispy brown. Meanwhile, the bow-tie pasta is tossed in a creamy sauce making this chicken dinner recipe not only a comfort but also a decadent indulgence.

Panko breadcrumbs are a terrific choice for breading anything from shrimp to chicken breast because they get very crispy, hence the name of this easy fried chicken recipe. Panko is Japanese in origin, and the reason it holds up so well to frying things like these breaded chicken breasts is that panko crumbs are very dry and don’t absorb moisture and oil to the same degree that other breadcrumbs do. Not only do these Japanese breadcrumbs result in a crunchier coating in this easy fried chicken recipe, but it also results in a lighter exterior. Panko crumbs are most widely used in the Japanese dish, Tonkatsu, which is a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. These cutlets are so moist on the inside because the panko crumbs lock in their juices, just as they do with this easy fried chicken recipe.

Although breading meat can sometimes be a challenge, it gets easier with practice and with a few simple kitchen tips. When breading the chicken breasts for your breaded chicken recipe, use one hand for dry ingredients and one hand for wet ingredients. Otherwise, the dry and wet ingredients will become a sticky mess on your hands. The initial step of coating the chicken with flour is for creating a dry surface so that the milk can adhere properly. That sticky surface will help the breadcrumbs coat better, creating an even coating of crumbs on your chicken breast recipe.

This easy fried chicken recipe recipe mingles some exceptional culinary technique with the yummy flavour of farfalle in a cream cheese-based sauce and is a tasty family recipe. Luna’s blog does very well at providing family-favourite recipes from breakfast recipes to main dish recipes. Each recipe looks homey and perfect for even the fussiest of eaters, from kids to adults. Feeding children can be challenging, but crispy chicken is a wonderful go-to recipe to satisfy kids’ cravings. Although chicken breast is often dry, this crispy chicken recipe displays chicken breast at its finest with juicy, tender meat and crispy edges. Consider making this chicken recipe, even if you don’t want to have the pasta side dish with your dinner. You can use this tender easy fried chicken recipe in so many preparations like sliced up on a dinner salad or in a crispy chicken sandwich. Also, consider turning the breaded chicken breasts into a chicken Parmesan recipe by adding some tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese for another recipe twist that your family will love.*

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