Fleas? Try These Flea-Be-Gone Treats For Your Pet

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Do your furry friends have fleas? Try These Flea-Be-Gone Treats For Your Pet. If your pet has ever gotten fleas before, you know what a pain they can be to get rid of. They are so tiny that it can be hard to spot them, and they multiply rather quickly too. So when you find them, it is important to do something about them right away. There are many different flea remedies on the market, but most of them have harsh chemicals in them used to eradicate the fleas. You can purchase flea shampoos for dogs and cats, as well as powders and sprays. These do work, but you don't want to expose your pet to harsh chemicals that they could have adverse reactions to, so its nice when your can find natural pet remedies or make natural home remedies yourself. This tutorial from the Farmer's Almanac in the 2015 edition, explains how you can make an all natural flea remedy for your pet. The best thing is that your pet will probably actually enjoy eating these because they are made to taste good like treats. You can make these natural home remedies and then give them to your pet as you would any other treat that you give them. So after a walk or for training purposes if you use food while training.

Fleas are a type of parasite like a bed bug and they feed on the blood of their host. Usually it will be a dog or a cat, but they can also feed on birds and reptile pets as well. Humans can be a host to fleas as well. Usually if a pet is not present, fleas will then host on a human. The fleas can stay alive for 100 days without a blood feeding too so just because they don't have a host doesn't mean they die off. It is interesting to know that fleas can hold 15 times their body weight in blood and they can jump 8 inches high to get onto a host so they can jump from pet to pet or pet to human. Over time, a pet who has had fleas for an extended amount of time with no flea remedies, could develop tape worms or anemia. So it is important that you clear the fleas from your pet as soon as you find them. The natural pet remedies will be easy on your pet too, so you can repeat the treatment if need be.

So if your pet has fleas, be sure to try out these natural home remedies from the Farmer's Almanac to get rid of them. You can also find other great information on the Farmer's Almanac website or in their yearly handbook that comes out at the start of each new year. They share natural home remedies, farming and gardening advice, weather outlooks, and some stories too. Always remember to ask your pet's veterinarian if you have any additional concerns or questions and don't give your pet anything he or she may be allergic to.***

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