Flourless Whole Meyer Lemon Cake

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When Sue, the developer of this lemon cake recipe, says she uses whole lemons, she means whole lemons. Using the entire lemon in her whole Meyer lemon cake recipe gives her dessert a wealth of aromatic lemony scent and taste. The entire lemon, except for the seeds, gets pureed in a food processor and incorporated into the cake batter. She uses Meyer lemons in her cake recipe from her recipe blog, The View From Great Island. Meyer lemons are so intriguing because they have an orangey skin instead of the bright yellow associated with other lemons. Meyer lemons also have a sweetness that other lemons don’t have. They are the perfect lemon for whole lemon preparations like this tangy cake.

The lemon cake recipe is completely flourless, which makes it ideal for those on gluten-free diets. Instead of using flour, Sue uses ground almonds to bind the batter together. This style of cake baking is common in Mediterranean cakes where almonds grow. Usually, cakes that don’t have gluten in them have an unappealing texture to them, but this cake is moist from the use of the whole lemons. If you can’t find almond meal in the grocery store or bulk food store, it is easy to replace. Simply purchase whole almonds, toast them and pulse them in a food processor or blender once cooled. You will want to pulse them long enough that the almonds break into a fine flour, but not so long that they start turning into butter. If you are looking for a dairy free lemon cake recipe, this cake does include a butter-based frosting. The good news is that Sue’s frosting is a very easy frosting recipe, and the butter is a very small amount that wouldn’t be missed if omitted. Combining her other two icing ingredients should amount to a lemony glaze to finish off the cake.

Despite the ease of this cake recipe, there are techniques that can make cake baking a breeze. For one thing, generously greasing a cake pan with butter is a must so that your cake will come out easily and cleanly. Another step to make this process easier would be to line the bottom of the cake tin with a round of parchment paper. When the cake gets flipped out of the tin, the parchment paper can be peeled from the top. Something to avoid when making this lemon cake recipe would be overmixing the batter because over mixing can result in a tougher, densely textured cake. In the case of Sue’s recipe, simply fold the dry ingredients into the wet until they are just incorporated. In most cases, under mixing a cake recipe is considered better than overmixing.

This lemon cake is so mouth puckeringly good it may become a go-to among your dessert recipes. This dessert would work just as well for entertaining as it would as a week long snacking cake. Thank you to Sue, the author of The View From Great Island, for sharing her flourless whole Meyer lemon cake recipe with us.

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