Fluffernutter Fudge

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Our featured recipe is for Fluffernutter Fudge. Fudge has been around for centuries. It is that sweet 'I Love You' kind of a treat.

Fudge is unlike many other candies like caramels because fudge is a crystalline confectionary. Just what does this mean? Fudge is made up of sugar, butter and milk, and it must be prepared with a specific technique and cooled for the sugar crystals to be just the right size. When fudge 'does not work out' it is because the crystal is too large, for too quickly or don't form at all. The crystals must be so small and smooth that they do not feel grainy. Traditionally, Fudge is made by boiling the milk butter and sugar until they reach 235-240F (113-116C), and this is called the soft-ball stage. Then it gets taken from the heat and is left to cool to form fudge. It is a bit of a tricky process, but even the less than perfect fudges, still taste good, so you will never have a problem getting rid of any flops.

The recipe today uses the basics of fudge plus peanut butter, marshmallows and peanuts. It sure looks good in the picture! Many people made fudges for special occasions and give it as a food gift.

Fudge is so popular that there are entire stores that are fudge stores and well made fudge can be artistic with swirls and ripples, layers and flavors!

We will redirect you now to 'Shugary Sweets' website where you will find the full recipes and instructions from our featured blogger, Aimee.

Have fun making the fudge.

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