Fluffy Brown Sugar Icing

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Try Pat's Fluffy Brown Sugar Icing Recipe, and you will have a wonderful and very special icing to spread on cakes that you want to be truly spectacular. This icing is a bit tricky to make, so be sure to follow the recipe carefully when you do make it. It begins with egg whites and then you add a prepared liquid sugar in to the egg whites. Temperature can get quite important when you make this kind of frosting. Sometimes the liquid sugar can be too hot, or you can be mixing too slowly, and the egg whites get cooked. Other times, the temperatures are too cool, and the liquid sugar solidifies in chunks throughout the egg whites. That is a bit easier to correct, by simply putting the icing through a sieve to remove any hard bits. Still, it is a recipe that requires care and attention, and really showcases the skill of the baker who makes it.

The result from this type of frosting is a spectacularly light icing. The website creator and blogger remarks on how it is like a marshmallow it is so light. The flavor is far superior to commercial marshmallows, of course, but there is a fabulous airiness to this type of frosting. It is so much fun to experiment with frostings. The French have an old and traditional frosting that starts with a roux, which is a blend of butter and flour. Milk is added to that and the whole thing is whipped wildly for some time. This icing, called Ermine Icing, was originally used on Red Velvet Cake, but is often replaced with a simpler cream cheese icing.

Try this recipe when you have plenty of time and patience. It will take some care to prepare it, and you want to be able to go slowly and get it right. The results are very special. This frosting might taste particularly great on a chocolate cake. Try it soon.

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