Foil Packet Nachos

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Nachos are a party favourite with their oozing cheese and abundance of toppings, but this version is a little different. Instead of being baked as is in the oven, this foil packet nachos recipe calls for all the chips, cheese, beef and tomatoes to be layered in foil packets. The benefit of the foil packets is that you won’t have a mess to clean up after making these since you can just throw out the foil. It also means that this nacho recipe can be prepared on a hot summer’s day on the grill rather than just inside in the oven. Becky, the author of The Cookie Rookie recipe blog, noticed the craze of food baked in foil and wanted to try it herself with this chip recipe. Loaded with black beans, tomatoes, beef and cheese, these nachos will be a favourite snack for yours to come.

Despite this foil packet nachos recipe being incredibly easy to make, it requires a few steps to be followed. When baking anything in a pouch, steam is produced, which has the propensity to turn things soggy. This is already a potential issue with nacho recipes because they often are doused in salsa, which turns the chips soggy before they are baked. Similarly, a large amount of steam will make the chips go soggy. The secret to preventing a soft chip is to cut slits in the foil to allow the steam to escape. Becky also used canned tomatoes rather than salsa and instructed to drain the tomatoes thoroughly before incorporating with the rest of this beef nacho recipe. That way the chips will stay nice and crispy for you and your family or guests to eat.

Becky doesn’t specify a specific kind of tortilla chip to use, so you can use whatever you prefer, including store-bought. If you are a little more adventure seeking though, you could try making your chips before making this nacho recipe. Just pick up a package of corn tortillas, cut them into wedges and bake them in the oven until golden a crisp. You can do the same with flour tortillas is a flour-based chip is desired. Either way, you will add even more of a homemade flair to this tasty appetizer recipe. Easy party appetizer recipes, like these nachos, will be all the rage at your next party and will disappear quickly. Becky’s dish is for two large portions of nachos, but she lets her readers know that they can divide the mixture into four as well. If you are having a party, simply scale the recipe up until you have enough portions for everyone. Have all the topping ingredients set up on the counter, so your guests can adjust the toppings to their tastes. Your guests will not be able to get enough of these tasty snacks.

Although nachos are simple in concept, they do require some attention to detail to make them a success. Chips just aren’t chips if they are soft rather than crispy, and nachos, in particular, require a balance of topping ingredients. Becky’s mixture adds spiciness, salt, tanginess and earthiness to the nacho recipe, as well as several varying textures. She does this by using a mixture of tomatoes, black beans, ground beef, cheese, green onions and cilantro. The beef and beans add body to the nachos while the green onions and cilantro serve to freshen everything up. These nachos are fun food to make too, in addition, to be incredibly delicious. Thank you to Becky, the author of The Cookie Rookie recipe blog, for sharing her foil packet nachos recipe with us.

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