Foods On A Stick Here Are Nine Tasty Party Appetizers You Did not Know You Could Skewer

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What can be more fun than food on a stick! Try these 9 tasty party appetizers you didn’t know you could skewer and broaden your recipe base for future parties, summer BBQs, family gatherings and other get-togethers where you need easy and fun food to meet the hungry appetites of your guests.

Why is food on a stick so much fun? Somehow it always tastes better when you’re biting it from a stick rather than sitting and cutting it up on a plate. May be it’s because it seems a bit naughty to walk around with your food when so many of us were told as kids, to, “sit down and eat that and don’t spill it.” This frees adults from berating kids with their food manners and lets kids have fun running around with their food—and it frees the kid in every one of us to do the same.The earliest food on a stick may have come from sausages, and quickly grew to include corn dogs, possibly as early as 1929. Whoever thought it up knew that food could be fun. Today, of course, is there anything you cannot put on a stick and eat? At the Reader’s Digest site you can find nine things to skewer that may not have occurred to you before. And it’s always fun to impress family and friends with your culinary expertise and cunning.

Some of the recipe options might surprise you when you go to the site. For example, what about an edible stick? Or can you think of how to put together a salad on a stick? Calorie counters will really appreciate that since it lets them join in the eating fun while watching what they eat.

What about something cold on a stick? And with a surprise inside? Go to the website and see what’s up.This site offers something savory and some things sweet, and covers the entire meal from salad to dessert. You could have your own food on a stick party and just show off every one of these sumptuous ideas. Make it this weekend, and invite lots of friends. Let the kids help. Their creative ideas are always fun and surprising.

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