For those who need that little extra space for dependents or guests - The Graduate Series 6000DLS

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Are you thinking of building a tiny house of your own? Start out by looking at some of the incredible tiny house designs from around the world. This tiny house is from a company called Designer Eco Tiny Homes based in Australia. So if you live over in Australia, you could actually have this company build your tiny house for you and you could even get this tiny house design called the Graduate Series 6000DLS. If you don't live in Australia, you can also use their designs as inspiration for your own tiny house design and incorporate the things you like about his tiny house into your own. Building a tiny house on your own can be a lot of work, especially if you're still working a full-time job while you're building it. You can always hire a contractor to help you out, or maybe you can get some friends to assist you in the building process. Or, you can also buy a tiny house at various stages of completion from a tiny house builder. Some companies will build your tiny house shell which will cost you less upfront and then you can put the finishing touches on it yourself. Of course, building your own tiny house will be the most affordable option, but you have to account for your own time and labour too.

This tiny house has everything you'd need to move right in. This one cost around $72,000 which may seem kind of steep for a tiny house on wheels, but it includes everything you see here. For this tiny house, they went with cedar wood siding on the exterior with white accents for a fresh and stylish design. They did a Skillion roof-line which is also known as a shed roof that will add more height in the loft area where the sleeping quarters is. The loft can fit a king sized bed in it, so it offers the owners lots of space. There's also a single loft on the other side of the tiny house which could be used as another sleeping area or a storage area. Leading up to the sleeping loft is a beautiful storage staircase which is always a good idea to have in a tiny house design. With one of these staircases, you have much easier access to your loft as well as some much-needed storage space for items. They also created a railing at the edge of the loft that includes storage within it too. Anywhere you can add more storage in a tiny house is great. This will create an organized home with little to no clutter which will make the space feel more spacious. Also in the loft, you'll notice that there are lots of windows and even a skylight which also helps to make the loft feel larger. It also gives you some good star gazing opportunities too.

This unit includes a wood burning stove for heating and an air conditioner which are both optional additions. The beautiful kitchen features wooden countertops with white cabinetry and a built-in cooktop. There's also an oven as well as a range hood fan, a sink and a fridge. The bathroom area includes a flush toilet which could also be changed into a composting toilet, a shower, and a vanity with a sink and a medicine cabinet. All of their tiny houses feature LED internal lighting as well as a ceiling fan for air flow. You can also get a solar power system and rainwater collection if you want to be off grid. The roofing is sheet metal corrugated roofing, and they install termite treated wood for the wall framing. Check out all of the photos of this tiny house design and get inspired.***

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