Four Homemade Cleaners

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Tired of using commercial home cleaners? Chemical fumes making you feel sick? If you’re trying to find greener, healthier ways to clean your home, have you considered making your own natural DIY cleaners? When you make your own home cleaners, you know exactly what goes into them, and you know that you’re using healthy, safe products around your home. Here are four excellent homemade cleaners that will help get you started.

With environmental illness on the rise and the cost of living skyrocketing, many are seeking green cleaning alternatives and natural home cleaning solutions that they can afford. This means more people are turning to eco friendly cleaners they make from scratch in their own kitchens, saving money, their health, and the environment all in one go. These homemade cleaning products are non toxic cleaners made from natural ingredients that have served as cleaners for centuries. Our grandmothers used these cleaners, and so did their grandmothers before them. These natural cleaning ingredients work just as well as industrial cleaning products, but are safe for the environment.

If you have pets or children, or both, you might want to look into natural house cleaners because these smaller bodies seem to be more susceptible to environmental sensitivities than adult humans are. And speaking of humans in general, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2001 and 2009, diagnoses of asthma increased by 4.5 million in the United States alone. One in twelve people in the United States now suffers from asthma, and those numbers continue to grow. Although the exact reasons for the asthma growth rate are yet unknown, air quality is suspected to be a key contributor. Why take any chances? We may not have a lot of control over outdoor air quality, but we do have control over indoor air quality – and one of the ways we can control indoor air quality is to use natural cleaning products that don’t contain any toxic chemicals.

So what do these homemade cleaners consist of, and what can they do for your home? Well, some of the main ingredients for these cleaners are ones you might already own because they serve multiple purposes – for example, white vinegar and baking soda are two of the most tried-and-true natural home cleaning ingredients that have stood the test of time. They are extremely inexpensive, work well in most homemade cleaners, and go a very long way in cleaning your home, especially when used in specific combinations with other key ingredients. In this article you’ll find a homemade cleaner recipe for a natural all-purpose cleaner, a homemade cleaner recipe for an all-natural antibacterial spray, a homemade cleaner recipe for an all-natural grease cutter, and a homemade cleaner recipe for an all-natural bath, sink, and tile cleaner.

If you make these four cleaners, you will have everything you need to clean your home for the next several weeks. If you stock up on all of the recommended natural cleaning ingredients, you’ll have a supply that will last for several months – perhaps even years. So you can see how economically practical these homemade cleaners are, in addition to being healthy for your home. This great article on how to make four major homemade cleaner recipes comes from the Macheesmo website, where you’ll find lots more awesome recipes.*

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