Frankenstein Cupcakes

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Okay, so the fun in this recipe is in the decorating of these hysterical Frankenstein Cupcakes. And they are very funny, and hugely attractive and appealing. Even if you do not plan to make any thing today, take some time and check out the photos on the web site, Your Cup of Cake. These little cup cakes will certainly bring a smile to your face, and they will offer loads of fun to make them up with the little ones. Even bigger kids will get a kick out of these cup cakes, and there is enough of a challenge to put together the faces that these Frankenstein Cupcakes will likely hold their attention, too.

This recipe begins with a boxed mix. As noted, this recipe is more about the fun of decorating, although the cup cakes will still taste okay. There are plenty of commercial elements to buy, so these cup cakes may cost a bit of money to make, but for Halloween they offer loads of fun that makes them worth the effort. The frosting is made from scratch, which is nice, and it is loaded with peppermint, a lovely flavor against the dark chocolate cup cakes.

Make these special treats at home on a Saturday afternoon when you have time to spend on this project. Have your kids invite their friends over, and make it a fun time. Kids of every age can have a blast putting together their own versions of Frankenstein Cupcakes, or they can follow the great illustrations on the web page. Then, every one gets to eat their results, or you can play trick or treat with them, right at home, as part of the fun. Either way, this will be a great way to spend some time with the kids, and build memories the entire family will enjoy and recall for a long time to come.

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