French Apple Cake

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French Apple Cake is a slightly less sweet and more dense cake than what is typical for most North American desserts, which tend to be made loaded with sugar and fat. And like many French delicacies, this French Apple Cake also has a much more moist and dense cake like base than most North American desserts with the fruit, in this case, apples, forming a contrasting tart top of the cake. This is an easy to make recipe where the most work involved is in peeling the apples. And a tart apple is recommended for this recipe, the Granny Smith. This is a great apple that retains much of its consistency even when it is cooked. It is important to have an apple that retains a good texture after baking. For applesauce, this is less important, but when the apple is a part of the texture, a mushy apple is not particularly terrific to bite in to, even when it might have great flavor. The Granny Smith apple is a great choice because of its flavor and how it holds its shape and texture.

If you have not had French desserts before, this is a quintessential and classical one to try. The French are great for this combination of a moist and sultry base or cookie type crust, a fruit filling, and then a covering of dense icing sugar over the top of the baked good. It is a delicious treat, and one well worth trying. This recipe simplifies the entire process, too.

Try this recipe when you are in the mood for some thing that is not too sweet. French desserts are characterized by this combination of fruit and sweet cake. It is great and every one on your dinner list will enjoy this treat. It is also lower in fat than many North American dishes, and that is always good. So enjoy this dessert soon with your family.

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