French Coconut Pie

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When it comes to easy pie recipes, this French coconut pie is the perfect treat to make. If you feel like you want to make a pie but you don't want to do a ton of work, this easy pie recipe is the one to make. The recipe only takes 5 minutes to prepare and then an hour to bake in the oven. The result is a delicious, creamy and flaky pie with a light coconut flavour. This is a recipe that Amy from Belly Full has made many times, and maybe you'll end up liking it so much that it will become one of your favourite easy dessert recipes too. The French are very well known for their delicious dessert recipes, most commonly known as French pastries. Their desserts are nothing short of incredible with so much thought, and effort put into the process of making every aspect of the dessert. Their baking and pastry making is a true form of art. The word dessert actually comes from the French word desservir which means to clear the table. As we all know, after dinner or a meal is when we have dessert and this has been a custom for centuries. In ancient times before pastries were even around, people would enjoy some fruit and cheese with honey. While there are some French dessert recipes that use fruit and cheese, there are also many recipes that include custard and cream.

One of the most popular French dessert recipes is the crème brûlée which translates to burnt cream. This decadent, yet very simple dessert is made with vanilla custard and a topping of sugar that is carmalized using a blowtorch. It's very popular on the dessert menus at restaurants, and in more recent times there have even been different flavours of creme brulee like chocolate cream brulee or chai flavoured creme brulee. One of the other French dessert recipes you may be familiar with are eclairs and crullers which are now sold in many bakeries and doughnut shops even if they are not predominantly French. Eclairs are made with choux pastry which is made with only butter, eggs, water, and flour. Mousse is another wonderful, yet simple dessert recipe from French cuisine. It includes whipped egg and sugar with chocolate or any other flavour. The whipped egg becomes very fluffy and light almost like a whipped cream but creamy like a pudding. This dessert recipe does include a pie crust, but Amy suggests using a premade frozen pie crust, or you can make your own pie crust. It just depends on how much time you have to make your pie recipe.

There are plenty of simple pie crust recipes online that you can choose from, just choose one that's geared toward beginner pie shell makers or watch a few YouTube videos on how it's done so you can get a good idea of the process before you begin. The most important thing to remember when making any pastries is to take your time. Patience is very important when it comes to making pastries, especially when you're just starting out. Once you've made certain recipes a few times, of course, you will get quicker and quicker at it, but just be easy on yourself. Other than a pie crust you will need three eggs, sugar, flaked coconut, butter, white wine vinegar, vanilla and salt. You may be wondering about the vinegar, but it was actually pretty common to use vinegar in dessert recipes as added flavour. There are also silk pie recipes that sometimes use vinegar in them too. Enjoy this recipe if you try it and try out some of Amy's other easy pie recipes.***

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