French Onion Chicken

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Enjoy this French Onion Chicken recipe that loads up the onions with the chicken to produce a dish that is really tasty and full of flavor. The big flavor in this French onion chicken comes from the long baking time that you give the onions before you add any of the other great ingredients that go in to making this French onion chicken recipe. The onions are cooked until they are rich and sweet, which is a process of carmelization that everyone should try at least once in their life time. Onions cooked this way are spectacular. They are great for all kinds of things, as they have both a savory and sweet appeal. Serve carmelized onions with any meat that you might be having, whether it is chicken or pork. They taste fabulous piled high on burgers and even hot dogs. They are a really delicious dish. When you make carmelized onions, be prepared for the onions to shrink a lot. In fact, the first time you carmelize onions you may be shocked at how little you seem to produce from how much you thought you had started with. That is why this recipe has you start with two pounds of onions, which may seem like a huge amount to begin with. But once the onions are carmelized you will see how little is actually left.

This recipe uses the fabulous flavor of carmelized onions to make a delicious French onion chicken recipe. The taste of this kind of dish is unbelievably rich and delicious and a little bit of the dish will go a long way. So remember when you are serving this chicken recipe to give small servings that are rich and big in flavor.

This chicken recipe is a wonderful made from scratch recipe that uses the flavor of carmelized onions to really make the chicken taste delicious. It is also cooked in a Dutch oven. This is a great way to prepare food because the lid keeps the juices inside the thing that you are cooking and allows the flavors to really infuse throughout whatever you are making. It is similar to cooking with a slow cooker in that the lid is usually kept in place, even though the temperature of the item being cooked might be slightly higher in the Dutch oven. Both the slow cooker and the Dutch oven are great kitchen appliances to own. Neither costs too much, and both will make your cooking and baking much easier and quicker. And, the results from either of these kitchen appliances is almost always quite spectacular. Enjoy this terrific recipe for chicken and serve it with mashed potatoes made with butter and sour cream.

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