French Onion Potato Salad

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If you love potato salad and french onion dip, than this French Onion Potato Salad will be sure to be a hit for you! There is so much you can do to take a potato salad from good to great. And adding french onion chip dip seems to be one of those special things you can do to spruce up your recipe. Theresa, the author over at A Dash of Sanity, has this great recipe for the french pinion potato sals and she says its just to die for! She writes that she is the person who will only eat potato salad at a BBQ, that is how much she loves it, and she will also eat lots of the french onion dip too, so putting the two together for her is bliss!

So for this recipe, it is pretty similar to the normal potato salad you would make, but instead, you add the creamy french onion dip and some yogurt too, to make it extra creamy, so no mayo in this one, which is good for people who don't like the scare of getting food poisoning because the mayo sat out too long... There is also some bacon in here too, which would make it even more tasty, and you could even do the bacon freshly cooked and then chopped into the salad too, instead of pre packaged bacon bits.

There is also some mustard for a nice tangy flavour too! This salad sounds like it would be the best thing to go with any BBQ meal, but especially with some BBQ ribs, right?! There is something so good about the BBQ foods and all of their unique flavours. Something that America is known for, especially in the southern states. Do you love potato salad? Why not try this one out next time? Head over to 'A Dash of Sanity' by following the link in the section below for more!

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