French Toast Muffins

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Try out this French toast muffins recipe, and make a fresh twist on a classic breakfast snack. This French toast muffins recipe is simple and quick to make, and the kids can help to put it all together. This French toast muffins recipe is a bit complicated to make, but it will be worth the effort for the big flavor and the loads of fun that it will be to put this snack together. The recipe starts with a commercial cinnamon bread (or you could also make this from scratch) that you chop in to chunks to use as a streusel in the muffin recipe. This is a part of the recipe that some of your kids might be able to put together. There are just a few ingredients that are used in this step, and they are easy to blend, so the more mature bakers and cooks in your household might enjoy doing this part of the recipe. Once it is ready, it can be set aside while the next step is made (or you might make it while the kids prepare the streusel).

The second step is to make the muffins. This step is just a standard muffins recipe and so it can come together quite easily. It will not take any time to put it together. Once it is done, then the fun part begins. The muffin recipe is put in to the usual muffin tin (with the paper wrapper) and filled part way. The streusel is added to the top to create an interesting topping for the muffins (or a French toast topper!). Then, once it is baked, the whole thing is drizzled with maple syrup and then sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar blend that will give a bit of sweetness and a light crunchy texture to the whole thing. So that is a lovely recipe that is made in three parts and that the kids can help you to make. They will love the finish of maple syrup (and so will you).

This is an easy recipe once you have broken it down in to its component parts, and take the recipe one step at a time. It can get easier, still, if you hand off separate parts of the recipe to different people in order to make the recipe even easier and quicker. Either way, this will be a lovely muffin recipe to serve on a lazy Sunday morning when you have the time to sit and linger over steaming cups of coffee or tea and eat these warm from the oven. With the addition of the maple syrup and the cinnamon sugar, they will be especially wonderful and decadent to eat. Enjoy them!

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