French Toast Sausage Roll-ups

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This French Toast Sausage Roll-ups recipe is really one that the kids will enjoy making with you, or maybe even for you, if they are up for the challenge of this little breakfast snack. The only part of this sausage roll-ups recipe that they might need help with is the actual cooking since you do need to fry this French toast recipe lightly in a pan before you eat it. Other than that, though, this sausage roll-ups recipe is about as quick and easy as a recipe can get, and a great one for the kids to learn how to make. Simply use sausages and bread and put them together with a few other ingredients to get this breakfast rolling.

This French toast recipe is quick and easy to pull together. It does not matter too much whether the bread is a perfect fit for the sausages or whether the sausages stick out on the ends or if the bread entirely covers and even hides the sausage from view. Either way that you make them, these French toast sausage roll-ups will taste great. This recipe serves the French toast sausage roll-ups with some dipping sauce; in this case, it is maple syrup. Maple syrup is a wonderful form of sugar that is produced only in a few places in the world including Vermont and eastern parts of the United States and Canada. The syrup is made by taking a high sugar sap out of maple trees and then boiling it down to become a concentrated and much sweeter syrup. In the process, the sugary sap also darkens to become a color any where from a light golden to a deep amber. This particular sugar is also called a slow release sugar, which means that, unlike white sugar, maple syrup does not cause the same sugar rush or sugar spike that is such a problem with other sugars. Maple syrup also contains a number of trace minerals that make it a more nutritious food to eat than ordinary white sugar, which is simply carbohydrates.

Enjoy this simple and quick French toast recipe whenever you like. It is easy enough to make any morning of the week, really, and contains lots of great nutrition because of the eggs and milk that form part of the recipe. Enjoy it for a special morning, too, when everyone can sit around and dip their sausage in to the maple syrup for a really special treat. It is a breakfast recipe that the kids might enjoy helping you make, or possibly even learning to make on their own, if they are old enough and become interested in learning how to cook. Enjoy this great recipe soon.

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