Fresh Broccoli Salad

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This easy salad recipe is a great way to enjoy the benefits of broccoli and healthy eating. This broccoli has bacon and cheddar cheese to take it over the top. This broccoli salad is a classic side dish recipe that comes together in minutes. The easy salad is perfect for potlucks and barbecues and potlucks, or any night of the week. Broccoli salad is a great way to enjoy the benefits of raw broccoli and is a salad that only gets better the longer it sits to marinate. For this easy salad, you will start with a head of broccoli that you’ll cut it into bite-sized pieces; you want to be sure and remove that stem. Then you’ll create a super simple dressing recipe for the easy salad using mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, some sugar, salt and pepper. And if you are vegan, you can use vegan mayo, and substitute the bacon and cheese for vegan options. Then you'll pour the dressing recipe over the salad, let it chill, and the result is a super easy salad you are sure to love. And if you'd like a bit more texture added to the salad you can toss in some raisins. As this easy salad is better when it's had time to marinate, you'll want to give yourself enough time so it can sit for a couple of hours so the flavors can blend.

For this easy salad recipe, you'll need a head of broccoli, bacon, red onion, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, raisins (which are optional), mayo, apple cider vinegar, granulated sugar, salt and black pepper. For the full step by step recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Center Cut Cook site.

Broccoli is a vegetable that is famously good for you. And there are some tips on how to choose it, store it, and cook it to achieve its distinctive strong flavor. To start you want to choose broccoli heads that are tight, green florets, with firm stalks. The broccoli should feel heavy for its size. The cut ends of the broccoli stalks should be fresh and moist looking. You want to avoid broccoli that has been dried out or with browning stem ends or yellowing florets. You want to store broccoli unwashed in an open plastic bag in your refrigerator. If broccoli is bought very fresh from the farmers market, it will keep up to 10 days. The vast majority of broccoli that is sold in North America is the standard green variety. You will, however, find purple and golden varieties that can be found at some farmers markets and speciality grocery markets. These varieties taste and cook up just like the green variety, but are particularly fun and colorful additions to raw vegetable platters or salads. Rinse broccoli just before using it. For most recipe preparations, you'll want to cut off the broccoli florets from the stem or stalk. Most people toss the broccoli stem, but if you take the time to cut off the tough exterior, you'll discover a crunchy, delicious, tender, healthy snack. If you're serving the broccoli raw in recipes, you can crisp it up by soaking it in cold water for about ten minutes. One popular way to cook broccoli is to roast it. To roast broccoli, preheat your oven to 400°F. Toss the broccoli florets with olive oil and sprinkle them with salt. Spread the broccoli in a single layer in a baking pan and bake until florets are tender and browned on the edges.

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