Fresh Corn Chowder

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Fresh corn chowder is a fun and filling way to serve your family a new and delicious twist on the traditional seafood chowder. A chowder is a rich and thick soup, almost a stew at times, originally made with seafood that included cream, butter or other high fat as well as potatoes and onions.

This recipe uses fresh corn, right from the cob, to ensure a sweet and enticing corn flavor. The corn flavor is complemented with ham, perhaps the perfect matchup to the summer vegetable. Wait until corn is really fresh to make this soup for the first time. Then your family will be clamoring for it daily until corn season is through. Keep it as a family tradition and make it on days when the weather turns cooler or wetter as a filling and warm, thick soup to warm up their bones.

This soup is made from ingredients you can pick up at your grocery store when corn is in season. Look for fresh ears of corn, preferably ones with the husk still on the cob. Look first at the husk to see that it appears fresh and bright green. There should be plenty of long silk hairs at the top of the husk, still looking fresh and golden in color. Anything brown on an ear of corn suggests that the corn is old and dated. Pull back the husk gently and pop one of the kernels. If there is plenty of milk that leaks out of the corn it is fresh. Old corn has little or no milk in each kernel. Then put the husk back over the corn. The husk helps to keep the corn fresh. Never buy corn that is sitting out in the sun. The sugar-starch conversion, which ages the corn, speeds up in the hot sun. Finally, eat your corn as soon as you can. If it must sit, be sure it is refrigerated.If you have never made a fresh corn soup, try it today, and see how delicious it is.

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