Fresh Cucumber Roll-Ups

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Make some fun and healthy snacks that the whole family will love. This fresh cucumber roll recipe is one of the many easy kid friendly recipes you can try out from Super Healthy Kids website. This website is the place to go to learn how to make healthy food recipes that are great for the whole family. Kids love eating healthy so long as they're seeing their parents do it, and if eating healthy food is a part of their everyday life. Introducing fruits and vegetables to kids can be easy when you have awesome, easy kid friendly recipes like this one too. The more fun you have with making your healthy snacks and meals using bright colors and easy to eat finger foods, the more likely your kids are to absolutely love them. Unlike candy and junk foods, your kids can eat as many fruits and vegetables as they like, within reason. Creating healthy snacks rather than giving your kids processed foods will help them get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow and thrive and making your own food will help you save money too.

Kids love smoothies packed with berries and bananas, and you can even add in some greens while you're at it. The more colorful, the better. You can also make fresh, easy vegan ice cream in your food processor or high powered blender. Just freeze a banana and add in some fruit or even some raw cacao, and pop it all in your blender to blend until you have a nice creamy dessert treat with no dairy and no processed ingredients. Your kids will absolutely love it. To make it into a vegan milkshake, just add some nondairy milk to the banana and fruit and blend it up like a smoothie. You and your kids will love it. This veggie roll up recipe is one of the healthy snacks you can give your kids to keep them fueled up throughout the day. They're so pretty looking too, so they'd be awesome for a party too. All you need to make these yummy fresh cucumber roll-ups is a cucumber, carrots cut into matchsticks, bell peppers and herbs. You spread cream cheese on the cucumber before you roll up all of the other ingredients into it like a little sushi roll and the cream cheese helps to hold everything together nicely.

If you'd rather have no dairy, you can find vegan cheese options like Daiya or, if you're okay with goat cheese, you can try a little bit of that instead. To get the cucumber in the nice, thin slices, use a vegetable peeler to peel the slices through the entire cucumber. Once you're done, make sure you dry off the slices of cucumber, so you don't have a slippery mess to deal with. Then lay out the slices of cucumber and spread your cheese in a thin layer onto them. Place a pile of your veggies and herbs at the very end of the cucumber and start rolling it up at that end. Then just organize them on a nice plate, and they're ready to serve up. You could get your kids in on making this recipe, and they could add all of the ingredients they like in their rolls. Getting kids in on making the recipes and healthy snacks and meals helps them to be more connected with their food which makes them more likely to eat it. Enjoy this and many other easy kid friendly recipes from the Super Healthy Kids website and share this recipe with your friends too.***

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