Fresh Peach Crisp

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What is it about fruit crisps that we all love so much? And how dee-lish is it when its fresh peach crisp? Peaches are such a special fruit and so wonderful in pies, crisps, and other desserts. And this particular dessert wont disappoint with its big peach flavor, and light crunch of crisp subtly flavored with cinnamon.

Sometimes we forget that desserts can be delicious and nutritious. Peaches are a low-calorie fruit with only about 50 calories in each one. As well, peaches offer a whopping 15 percent of your daily Vitamin C needs and about six percent of your Vitamin A requirement. Peaches also contain a whole host of trace elements such as iron, phosphorous and zinc. So eat your peaches!

This recipe is also loaded with nutrition and fiber in the old fashioned oats that pack this recipe. They also add a wonderful nuttiness and give crunch to the crisp. With all that goodness, do you think you can sneak in a bit of ice cream to top this wonderful dessert? We think so.

A fruit crisp is a wonderful first dessert for young cooks to try out their baking skills. The dish is quick to prepare and bake. The ingredients are ones most of us have at home, and you can use fresh or frozen peaches. Either way, the flavor is delicious. Fruit crisp is a forgiving dessert, too. So if you add a few extra peaches or an extra dash of cinnamon or have a bit more or less oatmeal in the blend it will still turn out great.

This dish is sumptuous whether you serve it up fresh from the oven with some ice cream or eat it cold the next day. Try it today. Make it with the budding baker in your house. It will be a win-win for everyone.

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