Fresh Peach Delight

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Fresh Peach Delight is a summer time dessert to make and enjoy in the height of peach season. Although peaches can be frozen, nothing compares to their flavor, texture and smell when they are fresh. This dish has multiple layers of cookie base, jello styled middle and a whipped topping. Although you can use commercial whipped topping, if you are using fresh peaches, use real cream, too. Nothing is better than fresh cream with fresh fruit in season. In fact, buy an extra peach a bit of extra heavy cream, and, before you begin, slice a piece of the fruit and pour some cream over it. Eat and enjoy! The lush and tart flavor of the juice mixed with the heavy and sultry flavor of the cream will give you plenty of encouragement to make this dish for your family.

Peaches are a great food to eat and full of nutrition like all fruits and vegetables. Like most fresh fruit, peaches will reach their nutrition height when they are completely ripe. If your peaches are not heavily scented, they are probably under ripe. Pop them in a paper bag for a few days, checking them every day, until they are rich with the scent of fresh peach and soft to the touch. Then use them for this recipe.

This dish is pretty easy to make and probably one that a careful new baker can put together with great success. Some care has to be taken to be sure the base is fully cooled before moving to add the middle section. That section must also be cooled before adding the topping, and the entire dish should be chilled well before serving. Make it when peaches are at their best, and this dish is sure to be a hit.

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