Fresh Strawberries Granita

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If you want to enjoy a little cocktail and preserve the nutritional value of strawberries, than you will want to send a big thank you to Maryanne at the Little Epicurean recipe blog for sharing this Strawberry Basil Granita recipe with us. Granita, also known as granita siciliana as it originated in Italy, is akin to but not quite the same as sorbet. It's known as a refreshing, light, icy dessert but can like sorbet be used in between meals to cleanse the palate. Maryanne has chosen to infuse strawberries with basil for this granite recipe and what a delightful combination choice that is. The nutritional value of strawberries, particularly organic fresh strawberries are abundant in this strawberry recipe. What nutrients are in strawberries you are asking? Fresh strawberries are full of vitamin C and fibre combined with the sweet flavor of basil which packed with nutrients and antioxidants will have your body saying thank you in more ways than one when you indulge in this strawberry basil granite recipe. There are many varieties of basil which may leave you wondering which the best option for this recipe is. Lemon, anise, cinnamon are just a few. However, the sweet basil is your recommend option in combination with the sweet red fruit. The word basil comes from the ancient Greek word basilikohn meaning royal, so add a splash of champagne or prosecco to top this granita off, pinkies up and you’ll feel like royalty as you sip away.

Maryanne is a formally trained pastry chef who engaged to a chef, what a killer combination, a sweet and savoury duo whose recipes you can trust to be made with passion and love. The blog Little Epicurean means devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasures, especially to good food and comfort, how can you not trust a recipe that comes from these two? This recipe blog has so many great categories to offer. Sweet, savoury, how about happy hour anyone? Do you have a little furry companion because even man’s best friend is sure not to be left out. Share a homemade sweet potato dog treat recipe with your little one, they will thank you.

This strawberry basil granite recipe calls for the use of basil infused simple syrup which Maryanne provides step by step on how to make your own. If you are looking to sweeten this treat but in a healthier way, here is a suggestion that will keep the basil flavor without the use of excess sugar. Try infusing the basil into the fresh strawberries. This will create a low sugar dessert drink but also maintain the nutritional value of strawberries. The best way to do this is to use the FoodSaver vac sealer or otherwise known as a “shut up and take my money” product, you won’t regret it. Take frozen fresh strawberries as they are picked at their ripest point and will prove to be much sweeter for this granita recipe. Add a bunch of basil (stems included, it's where all the flavor comes from) with the fresh strawberries, the zest of two limes and the juice of one to help extract flavor and seal in the vac for minimum 1 hour to as much as overnight. Spoon in 3-4 tbsp of honey or agave, follow the recipe, and voila! A refreshing strawberry basil granita so delicious you will have impressed yourself. If you are a strawberry lover, you may want to include fresh strawberries into other strawberry desserts like a fresh strawberry cake, strawberry pastry or a strawberry trifle recipe.**

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