Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes With Champagne Frosting

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Champagne is such a special drink that it might be hard to imagine using it to make a frosting, no matter how special the occasion. But try these fresh strawberry cupcakes with champagne frosting and see what you think. When you had champagne for a special birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding or other very special event, you will likely have a bit leftover. You can use that leftover champagne to see just how delicious it is in champagne frosting. Don't get too attached, though, we don’t want to be buying bottles of the stuff for frosting purposes!

This cake is made from scratch using wholesome ingredients that you can be happy to put together in a cake for your family. In this recipe, the strawberries are turned into a puree, added to the milk, and then blended in to the cake. For best flavor, use strawberries that are very ripe. That way the entire recipe will be infused with strawberry sweetness and flavor. Don’t forget to keep a bit of the puree for the frosting.

One tip to ensure a great rise in your recipe is to really beat the butter and sugar completely. Five or even six minutes in your food processor or blending by hand is not likely too much. Be sure the butter is at room temperature, and neither too cold nor too warm. It is better to start with slight cooler butter, whip it until it is quite pliable and then begin adding the sugar. Butter that is too warm can actually begin to liquefy from this process, so avoid that if you can.

A second tip is to be sure to get the cake in to the oven as soon as it is fully blended. This is because part of the rise comes from beating air into the cake. You want the cake in the oven before the air begins to be released naturally from the blending.

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