Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes

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Mmmmm . . . fresh strawberry cupcakes. They look so yummy when they are made, a pretty red and you know they are tangy and fresh. Nothing quite beats a cupcake when it is loaded with fresh fruit, and especially this particular one.

Strawberries are a true harbinger of summer. They are one of the earliest fruits that you can find at U-picks and they really taste of warm sunshine and growing greens. They are tangy, sharp and sweet all at the same time. Strawberries are also filled with good nutrition, including vitamin C, manganese, and many other nutrients. They are best when they are very fresh, so if you can pick them yourself that might be the best way to maximize their nutritional value. Still, buying them from the farmer’s market, your local grocery store or even getting them frozen still provides plenty of delicious and nutritious food for you and your family.

This recipe uses self-rising flour to get a great rise from the cupcakes and ensure a light result. As well, strawberry jello ensures a rich and flavorful blast of berry in every bite of these pretty cakes. A frosting, again made with fresh strawberries, means that you will have a tangy and fresh bit of strawberry every time you bite in to one of these little cakes.

Be sure to chill these cakes for a few hours before you eat them. Two hours is the recommended time on the directions. Chilling often allows flavors to come together more fully and ensures a depth and richness that otherwise may not be in the cake. As the recipe recommends, take the cakes out of the fridge and let them site a few minutes before you eat them. More details can be found on the website when you make this cake today. They will quickly become a family favorite, especially with little ones who always like a cupcake (it’s just their size).

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