Fresh Strawberry Pie with Homemade All Butter Crust

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This Fresh Strawberry Pie with Homemade All Butter Crust recipe is refreshing and comforting because of the homemade crust that is perfectly flaky and light and pie filling that is loaded with fresh strawberries. All the flavors in this easy strawberry dessert recipe come together really well, and the dessert in itself looks very festive with a bright red color. There is something very satisfying about chilled fresh strawberries coupled with a flaky, buttery crust that crumbles just as you bite into it. It’s always fun to incorporate fruity flavors in desserts such as this easy strawberry dessert recipe because it has a delicate balance of sweetness from the sugar and tartness from the fresh strawberries. Strawberries top the superfood list because of its immense health benefits. Some nutrition facts on strawberries include vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, fiber, etc. Strawberries are low in calories and can be eaten not just in desserts but in salads as well.

Since this fresh strawberry pie is eaten chilled, it requires refrigeration until it sets completely or preferably overnight. This easy strawberry dessert recipe is one of the best pie recipes and can be made the night before serving. Since pastry baking can be tricky at times, make sure to add enough butter to the dough so that it holds the crust together when baked. Go ahead and buy a store-bought crust if you absolutely must but usually, pre-made crusts lack the flavor and texture like that of a homemade one. Contrary to the belief, making homemade pie crusts isn't really that tricky. Always remember to knead the dough with your hands and do not overdo it. Using a tablespoon or two of cold water in the dough helps in achieving the best pie crust texture. Before you begin to bake the crust, it must be chilled in the fridge for at least an hour. Lastly, do not add too much water to the pie crust dough as this will make the pie crust shrink while baking.

As an alternative, you could also make an easy crust using Graham crackers, ‘Digestive’ or ‘Rich Tea biscuits’, ladyfingers, shortbread, Milk Arrowroots, Vanilla wafers or even soda crackers. For the pie filling, you can use all kinds of fillings like blueberry, cherries, bananas, etc. You can also garnish on top with kiwis, peaches, or pineapple bits. Chopped nuts like pecans, cashews or almonds are great and healthy to incorporate in this recipe for that crunchy twist. You can even make this pie with peaches and peach jello as well. There are many variations to making this delicious pie recipe.

Thank you to Sarah Kozowski at the Sugar Apron food blog for sharing this Easy Homemade Strawberry Pie recipe with us. Do visit Sarah's blog for more easy pie crust recipes and best pie recipes. This Easy Strawberry Pie recipe gets better each time you make it because there are so many different ways you can make it. Make this lovely dessert recipe today for loved ones!

Nutrition Facts for: Fresh Strawberry Pie with Homemade All Butter Crust from Sugar Apron
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, salt, butter, water, strawberries, strawberry jell-o, cornstarch.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 348, Calories from Fat 108, Total Fat 12.0g 18%, Saturated Fat 7.3g 36%, Cholesterol 31mg 10%, Sodium 198mg 8%, Potassium 162mg 5%, Carbohydrates 59.3g 20%, Dietary Fiber 2.4g 10%, Sugars 39.2g, Protein 3.8g, Vitamin A 7%, Vitamin C 88%, Calcium 2%, Iron 7%

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