Fresh Tomato Pie-So Easy and Delicious

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You've heard of apple pie, and you've had pumpkin pie, but have you tried tomato pie? Tomato pie is a great way to incorporate some fresh tomatoes into an easy dinner recipe which is great if you grow your own tomatoes. So it's a great summertime recipe to enjoy, or you can make one in the summer and then freeze it and enjoy the tastes of summer even in the wintertime. Tomato pie is also one of the healthy dinner ideas you can serve up for your family, and everyone will most likely love it. Judy from The Southern Lady Cooks says that she makes multiple tomato pies in the summertime and her family loves them. It's great served with some other fresh garden veggies, or even with some grilled chicken on the side. So if you love tomatoes, then you have to try this recipe. All you'll need is one deep dish pie shell Judy used a premade pie shell, but you could make your own if you wanted. Of course, you'll also need the tomatoes Judy uses about 3 cups. The other ingredients are green onions, dried oregano, dried basil, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, bacon and cheese. For the cheese, she uses shredded parmesan, swiss, and a Mexican style cheese blend. But you can use any type of cheese you like, and it would even be good with dairy-free cheese or goat cheese if you're sensitive to cow dairy products which many people are.

If anyone in your family isn't a fan of healthy dinner ideas with lots of vegetables the cheese and bacon are sure to grab their attention and make them more interested in this tomato pie. You'll use 5 pieces of bacon and about a half of a cup of each of the cheeses mentioned above. It's a good tip to make sure you slice up your tomatoes let them drain in a colander for at least 30 minutes before they go into the pie otherwise it could turn out soggy. First of all, you'll cook the crust on its own for about 10 minutes in a 400-degree oven. Just poke some holes at the bottom of the crust before you bake it too. When it's all done baking, take it out of the oven and then add your cheese, onion and tomatoes in one layer and sprinkle some of the salt, pepper, oregano and basil over everything. Then, add another layer and keep layering until all of these ingredients are used up. Cook the bacon and crumble it up and then in a separate bowl mix the bacon, mayonnaise, and cheese. Next, spread this mixture on top of the pie and sprinkle with even more cheese if you wish. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes. Then remove it from the oven and allow it to cool for at least 15 minutes before you cut it into pieces. Judy just advises not to put too much mayonnaise on top and to use firmer tomatoes if you can so the pie isn't too juicy.

Try out her tomato pie recipe and see how yummy it is. If you like that recipe you can also try out some of her other pie recipes on her website The Southern Lady Cooks. She has some great dessert pie recipes like a blackberry pie and even an oatmeal pie and something called a vinegar pie which sounds interesting. She also has some other healthy dinner ideas and easy recipes you can try out for any meal of the day and other dessert recipes besides pies. See which ones you'd like to try out.***

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