Fried Cinnamon Apples

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You can still enjoy a sweet treat when you're eating healthy. These cinnamon apples are sweet and tender, just like the ones in an apple pie. They make the perfect snack or simple apple dessert when you don't really feel much like baking a complex dessert. If you have an apple tree or access to fresh apples, this is one of the easy apple recipes you can use those fresh apples for. This apple recipe is cooked on the stove top so you'll be able to enjoy your treat sooner than if they were baked in the oven. Jessica from Butter With A Slice Of Bread shares this great simple apple dessert recipe with us and she uses a cast iron skillet to fry up her apples. Cast iron is a great choice when it comes to cooking anything because it retains heat really well and distributes it evenly. So your apple slives will cook evenly too, and you won't end up with any parts that are too hard. The cast iron pan also sears the moisture in the apple while browning the outside which creates the perfect caramelized texture. To make this easy apple recipe even better, she turns up the heat at the end of the cooking time which brings out even more flavour from the apples.

You can either cook your apples plain, on their own or with the ingredients she lists in the recipe. Cooking the apples on their own might be sweet enough for some people, especially if you use a variety of apple that is naturally sweet already like a Gala apple. Using a tarter apple like a Granny Smith might require some sweetener though, especially if you're making this as a dessert recipe. Just be aware that apples are on the Dirty Dozen list from the Environmental Working Group, so they should be purchased organic to save you from the toxins and pesticides. Jessica uses butter and brown sugar with her apples, but you could also use coconut oil for a healthier oil and coconut sugar for a healthier sugar. If you want to keep the glucose levels very low for this easy apple recipe you can also use stevia drops too. They also come in different flavours so that you could use a caramel flavoured stevia for an apple and caramel treat. You will also add in some lemon juice which will help balance out the sweetness and actually bring out some of the sweetness too. Of course, no apple dessert recipes would be the same without some cinnamon and nutmeg, so make sure you use those two spices in there as well. You'll also have to add some water and cornstarch if you want the apples to have a nice, thick sauce.

You can use these apples in other simple apple desserts like a quick apple crumble dessert. Just top the fried apples with some granola and coconut cream for a healthy and nutritious dessert or breakfast treat. You can also use these apples in an apple pie or an apple cobbler too. Or simply top the apples with some vegan coconut ice cream like vanilla Coco Bliss which uses agave as sweetener and coconut cream as the ice cream. You don't need to add a lot of sugar to make fruit sweet which makes fruit such a great healthy dessert or snack choice. Just heating up an apple on its own with some coconut oil, so it doesn't stick in the pan will bring out its natural sweetness. You will also get a lot of the benefits of apples including antioxidants, fibre, and vitamin C. Enjoy this great simple apple dessert and other easy apple recipes from Jessica over at Butter With A Side of Bread and see how great healthy desserts can be.***

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