Fried Corn Dip with Bacon

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Make this fried corn dip with bacon just once and you will never make another dip again. This dish is rich with cheese and meat, like bacon, and is a fabulous sweet, creamy, salty blend of decadence that you and your family will adore. It is a perfect dish to serve when friends come over and you want to hear rave “oohs” and “ahs” from everyone. It looks pretty in a dish, and it tastes great. It is served warm, so it is comfort food at its finest. Be sure you make up several dishes, because like moths to a flame, people will surround this dish. Serve it with plenty of crackers or bread chunks.

This is the kind of dish that is a real party starter. It’s so pretty that people will immediately want to try it. Once they have, the taste will hold them there, and they will call their friends over to taste it before it is all gone. That will start a great discussion about favorite dressings, sauces, dips, and other foods. And no conversation is as rich, varied, or fun as one about foods. And it all begins with this special little fried corn dip with bacon dip.

There are two cheeses, two meats and a great blend of seasonings that put a bit of heat behind all that flavor. Be sure to get the shopping list today, because once you read this recipe, you will be making it tonight. It is a simple enough recipe that young cooks can attempt it on their own with just a bit of oversight. Once you make this dish, though, toss out every other dip recipe you own. This will be the new go to snack that your family asks for every week and more. Try it today!

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