Fried Green Tomatoes With Cajun Remoulade

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Oh fried green tomatoes, an awesome way to use those green tomatoes up! Try these Fried Green Tomatoes With Cajun Remoulade this summer when there are lots of tomatoes to be had from the garden and you don't want to wait for them to ripen. I remember when I was a kid, watching Fried Green Tomatoes the movie quite a lot, and I loved the look of the fried green tomatoes from the Whistlestop Cafe. I always wanted to try them out so badly too! I have tried to make them, but honestly, my battering skills are not the best... And none of them turned out as good as these ones on Buns In My Oven look!

These ones are made with corn meal, panko bread crumbs and flour, which would make the batter really nice, and able to fry up really good! She shares the recipe and gives all of the steps, its not that hard, but just takes some practice to get the batter right and make sure they are covered enough in batter. Which this recipe for the batter should because it is so nice and thick! She also includes a recipe for a great sauce that has a little hint of spice in it, which would compliment the fried green tomatoes perfectly!

Nutrition Facts for: Fried Green Tomatoes With Cajun Remoulade from Buns In My Oven

Ingredients: Large green tomatoes, flour buttermilk, Panko bread crumbs, cornmeal, salt, mayonnaise, mustard, Cajun seasoning, vinegar.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving:Calories 353, Calories from Fat 87, Total Fat 9.7g 15%, Saturated Fat 1.7g 9%, Cholesterol 8mg 3%, Sodium 705mg 29%, Potassium 433mg 12%, Carbohydrates 57.4g 19%, Dietary Fiber 4.1g 16%, Sugars 7.8g, Protein 10.0g, Vitamin A 17%, Vitamin C 22%, Calcium 13%, Iron 18%

These fried green tomatoes look like they are so nice and crispy! Perfectly golden brown on all sides! And I bet nice and juicy and tart on the inside! What an awesome recipe! I will have to try my hand at making these fried green tomatoes once again. This recipe might just be a little easier to make. Will you try them out? Before you know it you will feel like you are at the Whistlestop Cafe, having an order of their special fried green tomatoes! Thank you to 'Buns In My Oven' for this tasty looking recipe.

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