Fried Ice Cream Cake

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Despite its name, this fried ice cream cake recipe isn’t fried; it gives the impression that it was, though, because it has a cinnamon-flavoured corn flake topping that had just been toasted until golden brown. This easy ice cream cake recipe consists of cornflakes on the bottom, ice cream in the middle and cornflakes on the top. The mixture gets to set up in the freezer until you are ready to serve. This cake recipe comes from Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, who was reminded of a fried ice cream dessert she enjoyed while she was very young. Despite this not being fried, its crispy topping mimics the fried batter that would traditionally coat fried ice cream desserts, but it is also healthier since it hasn’t sopped up plenty of oil.

If you require easy dessert recipes to enjoy during summer, this frozen ice cream cake is an excellent choice to enjoy poolside or make for a child’s birthday party. The cake is prepared in a rectangular pan, which means that it can be served to several people. Whether you want to enjoy your ice cream cake recipe with a drizzle of chocolate sauce or simply with fresh fruit on top, this cake will be a hit with the family. Consider mixing up the ice cream in this dessert, by replacing the vanilla ice cream with chocolate, strawberry or mint chocolate chip. Vanilla is a classic flavour and is usually a safe choice when serving a group, but the choice is yours. You could also change the kind of cereal used if you don’t buy cornflakes regularly. Cornflakes are a neutral flavour which is infused with cinnamon in this ice cream dessert recipe, but you could skip the steps of adding cinnamon by using a cinnamon toast crunch cereal instead.

The process of making this cake is so easy; it involves spreading softened ice cream over the cornflake crust in an even layer. The ice cream should just be soft enough to be spreadable, and it shouldn’t be melted into soup. If you let it melt too far, the ice cream may form ice crystals when it is re-frozen. Although you may not be intrigued by the addition of Cool Whip to this ice cream cake recipe, it has become a fixture of ice cream desserts, because when it is mixed with ice cream, it gets a lighter, creamier consistency. You also won't have to pull the ice cream cake out of the freezer for any length of time before serving since the cake recipe should already be soft enough to slice into.

Next time you have an event you need an easy cake recipe for or if you just have a dessert craving yourself, make this cake. It’s combination of creamy ice cream, and cinnamon-flecked topping will make it one of the best desserts you’ll ever eat.

Thank you to Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, for sharing her fried ice cream cake recipe with us.

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