Fried Okra

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Okra is a terrific vegetable emblematic of the deep South, and fried okra is a great way to enjoy it. It is the vegetable used to make gumbo, a fabulous southern stew. Okra is an excellent vegetable to eat, high in vitamin C and K, among other vitamins. It has a unique fiber element, which helps you digest food and stabilize blood sugar. Like many high fiber foods that means it also helps you to absorb sugar more slowly, avoiding the sugar high that can occur when you eat too much sugar in any one dish. Fried okra is just one more great way to serve a fabulous vegetable.

Eat okra often if you can, and it is available in your area. It is a very nutritious food and one that goes well with everything. Be sure when you fry up the okra that you make it with chipotle, so it is a little bit smoky when you eat it. This is a terrific side dish served with any meat, chicken or fish that you like, or alone as a snack. Make up lots of this dish and set it out on plates for people to munch on, on television night. It is a great dish for winter or summer and goes well with plenty of other dishes. It also works with other vegetables, too, especially various types of peppers.

This is a great website with super photos that help to show you what the dish you are making looks like at various stages of making it. The instructions are clear, easy and easy to follow. This recipe does not require any special seasonings unless you are new to chipotle. Then, you are in for a great surprise because this seasoning is just so delicious. Check out the website and see if this recipe is for you. If not, there are plenty of others to catch your imagination. Check it out soon.

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