Fried Peach Pies

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Fried Peach Pies are an easy and wonderful recipe for a summer’s night when you want to cook out doors. This recipe can also be made inside on the stove top, but peaches are all about the height of summer and the warmth of that season, so why not celebrate and make this on the BBQ?

This recipe calls for peaches, but any number of fruit could work, including apples or pears. Use exactly the same seasonings that this recipe calls for, for all three of these fruits. In this recipe, the fruits is cooked ahead of time, and set aside to cool while the filling is made. Be sure the filling cools considerably in order to avoid it being so wet that it is hard to work with, with the pastry rounds. To ensure a good seal, use beaten egg to keep the pastry edges together, rather than water. And once you have lightly fried these delightful desserts in the pan and removed them to a plate, smother them (and really smother them) in icing sugar. Just put your icing sugar in to a sieve and douse the dish entirely. It will make a fabulous splash and people can then just shake off the icing sugar and eat the treat beneath. It is a lot of fun and really showy to produce a dessert this way.

Fresh summer fruits are hard to beat. They taste so fabulous when they are seasonally fresh, and make the best pastries, pies and cakes. Here the pastry is used to make delightful little individual peach pies, the fruit that celebrates summer the most (okay, there’s strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, too). Try them soon because your family will be clamoring for them throughout peach season. Enjoy.

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