From Hollow Core Bore to a Beautiful Updated Door for about $20

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If you're looking for great ways to update your home, this is one of the diy ideas you can try. This is one of the many do it yourself home projects from Sherri at Thrifty Artsy Girl. Updating the doors in your home can really add a lot to your home design and decor, especially if you have hollow core doors. These doors are very common in homes, mainly because they are a budget-friendly option and they look pretty good too. It turns out that these doors can also decrease the value of your home, especially the faux wood ones. The wooden looking ones are usually older, from the 70s, so it really dates your home. They are made with a wooden veneer, but they are hollow inside. The great news is, you can update these faux wood or any other hollow core doors to look stylish and current. You can actually update each door for around only $20. So if you've updated other parts of your home, it's probably time to update your doors so that they fit with the rest of your home decor. All you need is some trim and some paint.

You can find some decorative trim at your local hardware store with all of the other wood detailing items. This trim will create a stylish look on your door making it look more expensive and upscale than it is. You can choose a simple trim for the face of the door, and a neutral paint colour that will go with the rest of your home decor. If you haven't already redone your baseboards and trim in your home, this would also be a great time to redo all of that too. So you can just do all of these do it yourself home projects at once. You can repaint it, or add new trim and baseboards if you want a completely updated look. Sherri shares all of her diy ideas and tips on how to transform doors and trim with us, and she makes it all very easy. So you can either paint your doors while they're on their hinges, or you can take them off and paint them somewhere else like your garage or on a covered deck. Just place them on saw horses or other outdoor tables or on a flat surface covered with drop cloth material or plastic.

Paint the doors front, back and on all sides and then let them dry completely. While you're waiting for them to dry you can then paint the trim that will go on the doors and then leave that to dry. You could then move on to painting the baseboards and trim around the doorways while you're waiting for your doors and door trim to dry. Once the door and trim has dried completely take a pencil and mark the lines for the placement of your decorative trim and measure and cut the trim to the sizes you want it to be. Use wood glue to adhere the trim to the door and then let it dry for 24 hours. This will also give the baseboards and doorway trim a chance to dry too. Once everything is completely dry, you can put your doors back on and admire your finished do it yourself home project. You'll see on Sherri's website how much of a difference the paint and decorative trim makes on her old hollow core doors, and you'll want to try this on your doors right away. Check out this and more diy ideas from Thrifty Artsy Girl and try some more of them out.***

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