From Scratch Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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Enjoy the smooth flavor of From Scratch Double Chocolate Banana Bread today. This recipe is fabulous. There is no two ways to describe the blended flavor of chocolate and banana. It might not be a taste combination that you might first think about, but once you try chocolate and banana together, you will become a fan. This recipe is made entirely from scratch, and so it will take a bit of time and skill to pull it together, but it is well worth the extra effort to achieve the delicate flavors of homemade sweet bread.

This recipe is straightforward to make and there are plenty of super photos to guide you through the process. The how-to list of instructions is also clear and easy to follow. So you will have no trouble with this great cake. Be sure that your bananas are very ripe; using ripe bananas improves the flavor and moistness of the result immeasurably. This recipe calls for a whopping four bananas, so the flavor will be big and fabulous. As well, the recipe uses coconut oil, which will subtly underscore the banana flavor in ways that other oils or even butter does not. It is a great oil to use when you bake because of the sultry blend of nutty and buttery that it brings to any dessert. And don’t skip out on adding the brewed coffee. Coffee or espresso add tremendous depth of flavor to the chocolate and is a perfect way to bump up chocolate flavor. Multiple ways of adding the chocolate to the cake also means a better flavor. Finally, there is not a lot of sugar in this sweet bread, so you can feel much better about serving it to your family.

Make this bread up in batches, but make several of them on a day when you can spend the time, and your bananas are ripe and ready to go, and freeze the extras.

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