From Scratch Pineapple Carrot Cake

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Enjoy this From Scratch Pineapple and Carrot Cake recipe, which is a well loved classic in the cake baking world. This particular Carrot Cake recipe is a little bit different in that it has the added flavour of pineapple in it, which makes it a little bit different than your regular simple carrot cake recipe. Every step of this easy carrot cake recipe is made from scratch including the classic cream cheese frosting that goes on top of this cake. The layers of different flavours are what makes a carrot cake so inciting. The spicy cake that is layered with the rich and creamy cream cheese icing is what makes a simple carrot cake so delicious. But this one will be even more inciting because of the addition of pineapple in it. It may sound like a strange addition but pineapple is actually a great compliment to a spice cake like carrot cake and it would fit in so well with all of the other flavours of the cake.

Some of the elements that make this particular recipe stand out include that it is made with oil. This cake is made with oil rather than butter and that results in a wonderfully moist and rich cake without the saturated fat. Then plenty of eggs add lots of lightness to this easy cake recipe and then the lack of milk or any other dairy products allows the flavors of the cinnamon, pineapple, nuts and carrots to really come through and also makes it a little bit lighter. But this carrot cake recipe definitely doesn't lack in the flavour department, the carrot cake has the kind of richness that you usually only get in a dark fruit cake. Some recipes also include coconut, and if you like to experiment, you could add a small amount to this cake recipe especially with the pineapple. And even to the frosting too, which would pair well with its blend of butter and cream cheese.

This cake recipe is surprisingly easy to make, although the results will make you seem like a pro baker. If you don't know how to make a carrot cake, especially a layered carrot cake recipe, don't feel intimidated either. This easy carrot cake recipe will teach you just the perfect way how to make a carrot cake. The appearance of this cake alone deserves the extra effort you will put into it. Layered cake recipes do take a little extra time to ice, but the end result looks so fabulous. The reason layered cakes were made as such is because as you eat the cake you get a bite of frosting with each bit of cake since the frosting is distributed throughout the cake evenly. Plus, when you cut it open it just looks so pretty. Adding carrots to a cake recipe was originally started as an affordable way to sweeten baked goods since sugar was too expensive in times of financial despair. But as time has gone on, people have loved making fruit cakes and carrot cakes too and the recipe has become an all time favourite. Carrot cake seems to be a favourite recipe and is up there with chocolate cake and vanilla cake as one of people's favourite go to cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. Thank you to Laura and Angela from About A Mom food blog for this awesome From Scratch Pineapple Carrot Cake recipe. Laura and Angela are a mother daughter duo that joined forces to create a blog that is filled with all of their favourite recipes. The ladies are not only family but best friends who love to create exciting recipes in the kitchen together.*

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