From the outside it is just a tiny cabin but the inside will blow your mind

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From The Outside, It’s Just a Tiny Log Cabin… But Look Inside. Your Mind Will Explode when you see what this tidy little cabin and tiny home is really all about. This pretty, tiny cabin set in the woods still offers all the accoutrements of a beautiful and full sized home. And it is a tiny home by any definition with only about 400 square feet in total, but the design and layout are so well done that it looks and feels much larger and more spacious. You will be quite surprised at how effectively 400 square feet of space have been utilized. This tiny cabin is the kind of home for someone who loves the single life, or at least perhaps a quiet life, in the woods or somewhere well off the beaten path. You may be surprised to see that the tiny cabin has been designed so well that it still includes all the usual rooms like kitchen and dining room and still also has a space that is perfect for a view. That makes this particular tiny cabin design more amenable to a private lot with plenty of trees and also a region or area where the view is worth seeing.

The tiny home movement has grown bigger and stronger as costs to build or buy homes skyrocket. That is not the only reason people want smaller homes, of course. For many people, a tiny home means a simpler life, free from the responsibility and labor that a big home can represent to them. A tiny home can mean more time spent outside enjoying the environment, more money to travel, and let’s face it, a lot less time cleaning the inside, and mowing, blowing or raking the outside. From the comments that follow all the fantastic photos, it looks like there are plenty of people who have or know about spots where this tiny home could fit snugly. Maybe you know a spot too?

Living the good life is something many aspire to. If that includes having your own tiny home then be inspired and when designing a small house, think in terms of living healthy. Positive life tips include having a great attitude about things in general. Design your life around how you want to feel each day. Living healthy is not only about where you live, it is also about a good positive mind set. Some tips on healthy living include creating a space around you that makes you feel good no matter how small or large.

Check out the website where this tiny cabin is illustrated. Beginning from the outside shots, you can see that this tiny home is really wonderfully designed and logically laid out. Not an inch of space is wasted in this design plan, including the walls. They are used to hold or place things that often take up so much unnecessary space in the house such as ovens and televisions. By mounting them up and using the walls, the design frees all kinds of floor space for other purposes. It is a wonderful design for a tiny cabin or getaway home. And it may be the perfect home for your needs.Spend some time at the website today. You may find the tiny cabin or tiny home of your dreams. Or head towards the many other designs that you can link to from there. Either way, set aside a few hours because that is at least how long you will be mesmerized by the clever layouts and cost effective plans that you will see on the site.Find out more at the website, Escape Trends, by following the link below.**

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