Frosting Made with Natural Food Coloring

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Better Homes and Gardens does it again by providing us with ideas and alternatives that ensure our families are healthy and strong. Here, frosting made with natural food coloring can replace frosting that may have unhealthy additives or preservatives or chemical compounds that we would just prefer our family not eat. So why not try this out today and have little hands help you do it?

Kids love to eat things that are bright and colorful, but sometimes we worry about what is making those bright colors so bright. Dyes can be found in a lot of our foods, and the FDA has banned some of them in the past. The problem is that some artificial dyes are chemicals mixed with petro chemicals. Dyes have been blamed for causing changes in behavior and allergic reactions. These issues have been brought to the FDA, and petitioned for their banning in our foods. The jury is still out on this issue, and dyes have not yet been banned from candies, sodas, and other foods, but we can choose other ways to color foods, just to be sure.

These recipes use wholesome ingredients to give flavor and color to your frosting. Little hands can help with these creations, and they can be a lot of fun to make. For example, strawberries can be crushed and used in your favorite buttercream recipe to create a lovely pink and wonderfully tangy frosting for cakes, squares, or cupcakes. Kids will love it, too, since the color will attract them. You can be glad to serve them some healthy fruit along with a little yumminess.

Some of the recipes offered blend fruits and vegetables to create nutrient rich frostings filled with color and texture. These will really appeal to kids, especially since they can help you make the creations. You can make just one buttercream recipe, split it up and make several color varieties. What a great way to pass a few fun hours. Why not try some today?

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